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I want to share my taste of music and my playing with you to give you some enjoyment which I get from my playing and listening to other musics.

                        Sandip Banerjee


 1) Tabla Solo and Tabla Meditation.

 Tabla Solo can be played purely in traditional style with sarangi or harmonim or in other way without accompaniment. 

You can also meditate with Rythm and sound of tabla playing perfectly to go to deeper lable of your inside. I use the scilence and sound to reach that pont.

  1) Traditional style----audio on Youtube-- Traditional Tabla Solo (click on it)

   2) Modern style without accompaniment--Tabla Solo in Belgium (video link)

 3) Tabla Solo in Slovenia without accompaniment-- Please click on link below.

Tabla Solo without accompaniment on25.05.2016

2) Indian Classical Music

      We can Provide artists for a  complete Indian Classical evening.


For example sitar,sarod,santoor,sarangi,vocal,bansuri concert is possible to arrange with a high class artists from India. As example  watch on youtube bellow. Please click on Icons below to Watch it---

 1) a) Pandit Kushal Das on Sitar

      b) Pandit Kushal Das in Curch


2) a) Ustad Ali Ahmed Hussain on Shehnai

     b) Ustad Ali Ahmed on Shehnai in Luckhnow

 3)     Pandit  Rajendra Prasanna on Flute(Bansuri)

4)     Pandit Budhaditya Mukherjee on Sitar

5) a) Mita Nag on Sitar-- Gat on Puriya Kallyan.

    b) Dhun on Sitar by Mita Nag


 3) Silicon Group Music Band ---

       It is a flexible instrumental Band based on Kolkata, India. We can add many instruments as per requirement and inf necessasry Vocal too. Here is some example on you tube. Please Click on links below to watch.-----


Composition by SandipBanerjee; 

A) Silicon Group in Turkmenisthan_ Udhas

B) Silicon Group in Trukmenisthan-- DANCING DOLL

C)  Silicon Group -- Saxophone, Sitar, Tabla, Keyboard.(click on it)

D)  Silicon Group-- Sitar, Tabla, Piano

E)  Silicon Group-- Sarenghi, Drum, Tabla, Konga


G) Silicon Group- Raga Suddho Sarang- Vocal sitar Tabla



4) Flamenco Dance , Music.---  

     You can watch a nice blend of Flamenco dance with Tabla and Guiter. We can add Singer and Bharatnattyam or other dance too with it and mixas per needed.  Here is example on you tube--

a) Flamenco Dance with Tabla, Guitar.(click here)

b) Flamenco and Indian dance ,music blend-- in Belgium


5A) Schell-Banerjee-- It is combination of music with Tap Guiter

and tabla. We can include other instrument.Please click on link below.

 a) Tap Guiter , Tabla, Wave Drum(video)   

5B) Jomasan ----  It is a combination of music with Saxophone/Flute, Guiter and Tabla. For listen to some music of it please check the link or click on it--- JOMASAN


6) Music Workshop-- It is possible to arrange workshop on Tabla,

sitar, Sarod, Bansuri, Vocal etc with good artists.  Tabla Students in Workshop 



 7) Light Classical Music--

         It is possible to arrange concert of Bhajan, Thumri,Dadra etc only.

8) Gazal --  Different kinds and style of Gazal singers can be provided with other musicians as per needed.

9) Bengali and Hindi songs---  Concert for old classic Bengali songs and Hindi songs by good artists .


10) Story telling with music--- Story will be On French, Bengali, Hindi ,English  with live music.