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I want to share my taste of music and my playing with you to give you some enjoyment which I get from my playing and listening to other musics.

                        Sandip Banerjee

Europe tour in Octo-Nov 2017

I shall be in Europe from 3rd October to 21st Novmber 2017, and in April 2018, and Between May to July 2018 as usual. Please check below the concerts details in October-November 2017-----

 From 3rd october to 15th October concerts with Mita Nag on Sitar mainly except one concert with Rohan Dasgupta on Sitar( 6th october in Stuttgart). Then with Soumen Adhikari( light Bengali/ hindi  song) from 17th to 18th october and from 27th october to 11th November with vocalist Subhankar Chaterjee. Here is the tour details------

1) AT ART BASE, BRUSSELS, on 4th october  AT 8 PM. LINK  : Art Base Agenda on 4th October at 20H 

2) At Brussels on 5th october at 8PM. at  Rue Auguste Beernaertstraat 28A, Watermaal Boisforte, 1170 , Mita Nag on Sitar; 

  Mia Polet-- Email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ~ 02/767.12.55 ~ 0496 47 00 84

3) 6th October, at Stuttgart at 8PM with Rohan Dasgupta on Sitar. 

4) 7th october at 6Pm at Bernard Flament Président de l'A.S.B.L « La Clique à Claques » Adresse du Siège social : 35 Allée des Colzas, 1160 Bruxelles Site : Mail :  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   : Mita Nag on sitar 

5) 8th October at 3pm at Niewport with Mia Nag on Sitar;

6) on 11th October at Paris  Mita Nag on Sitar

7) 14th October at Germany near Venlo in Holland at 8PM

8) 15th october at Tegelan, near Venlo in Holland 

9) 17, 18 october Berlin with Soumen Adhikari. On 17th at Indian Embassy, Berlin.

10) 20 to 26th October in Birmigham, England; 

11) 28, 29 at  Stuttgart with Subhankar Chatterjee on Vocal. 

12)  4th November at Berlin with Subhankar Chatterjee on  Vocal 

13) 11 th November t Denhg, Holland with Subhankar Chatterjee on Vocal.

        22 november Return to Kolkata; New Cd with Mita Nag on Sitar is available .