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I want to share my taste of music and my playing with you to give you some enjoyment which I get from my playing and listening to other musics.

                        Sandip Banerjee

19th October - Sitar : Mita Nag - Tabla : Sandip Banerjee

Concert at 20h At ART BASE, Brussels

mita nag

Sitar : Mita Nag

Tabla : Sandip Banerjee

Mita Nag, daughter of veteran sitarist, Pandit Manilal Nag and grand daughter of Sangeet Acharya (a master musician) Gokul Nag, belongs to the Vishnupur Gharana of Bengal, a school of music nearly 300 years old. In terms of lineage, Mita is the sixth generation sitar player in her family, the tradition having begun with her forefathers.
This Gharana follows the Dhrupad style of song and the instrumental recital too, with the dhrupad style in the Alap phase. Mita was initiated into music at the tender age of four.
Her grandfather's encouragement and instructions through singing had much influence on her early reception of music, most noticeably, associating the instrument with song. Her tutelage under her father started at the age of six.
Mita has performed in many concerts, solo as well as duet recitals with her father in major cities of India and in many cities of the US, Canada, Japan and Europe. She was awarded the Junior Fellowship Award by the Human Resource Development , Govt of India,
for her research project on Vishnupur Gharana.
Mita is also a Master in English Literature and an M.Phil. in English from The University of Kolkata.

Sandip Banerjee is a professional tabla player who followed 20 years of advanced training under his guru Pandit Sanjoy Mukherjee. Thanks to his solid and soulful style of playing, his graceful accompaniment and his powerful solos he is well known in India and appears regularly on TV and radio with the country's top recording artists.