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I want to share my taste of music and my playing with you to give you some enjoyment which I get from my playing and listening to other musics.

                        Sandip Banerjee

Concerts in Europe in June-July,2013


I will be available for teaching tabla in Brullels from 17th june till 11th july,( Gsm- +32 499 39 24 63) and in Barcelona from 3rd July till 7th july, 2013


Concert on 21st June at 8.30 pm


The summer equinox night - Schell-Banerjee


Daniel Schell: tiptar
Sandip Banerjee tabla


Daniel and Sandip play almost since 10 years together and they have a nice repertoire, on two albums. Discover a very special concert on the longest night of the year. This event will be held outdoors, weather permitting, otherwise inside. After the concert, an Indian meal will be waiting for you.


Concert 12/10€  --   
Meal: 10€ Please make your reservations in advance.

studio Lennik
Groenstraat 51 - B-1750 Lennik
Link---- Clic Music



Concerts with Sitarist Pandit Subroto Rouchowdhury--

1) On 26th june at 20h at Art Base , Brussels, Belgium

   link-- Art- Base


2) on 28th June at 20h,  La Halpe, Near Brussels--

3) on 29th June at 15.30H at Watermaal Boosfort, Brussels.

4) on 30th June at 16h, Teghelen, Holland.

5) on 3 rd July to 6th July, Barcelona, Spain, Concert on 4th July




Concert with Vocalist Sangeeta Bandopadhyay-- on 9th July, Brussels


Tuesday 9: at 20:00 h in Sangit Academy - Espace Stéphanie, with Daniel Schell (tiptar) and Sandip Banerjee (tabla)


Sangit Academy - Espace Stéphanie
Place Stépanie, 12 - B-1050 Brussels

 Sangeeta Sits