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I want to share my taste of music and my playing with you to give you some enjoyment which I get from my playing and listening to other musics.

                        Sandip Banerjee

Upcoming Europe Tour, new CD OCTOBER_ DECEMBER 2018

Tour plan in Europe from 23 OCTOBER TO 17TH DECEMBER, 2018.,

Coming Brussels on 23rd October at 19.30h.
Going with Claude .
24,25 rehearsal.
26 to Ge in Holland
30th Dresden.
31st back to Brussels.
1st Nov concert with Claude and our team.i Brusselsat 20H .
2nd nov at Mia AT 20H With sitarist Pt. Debaprasad Chakraborty. in Brussels
3rd Nov in Denhag at Embassy of India with Subhankar Chatterjee, vocal.
4th Nov at Bernard at 14.30 h with Debaprasad in Brussels
4th Nov at Art Base at 20h.  with Debaprasad in Brussels
5th TO 8th Nov  with Debaprasad at Dresden
9th nov at Stuttgart. with Debaprasad
      and concert in Stuttgart.
10th Nov return to Brussels at 14.30 h by train.
11th Nov concert with Harsh at school, Stephanie in Brussels.AT 15 H  MOST PROBABLY.
17th Nov at Liage ,concert with Subhankar Chatterjee vocal, Daniel Schell Tiptar;
18th nov concert at Lille at 18h.
23rd  Nov to 28nd November in Holland. Concert with sitarist Pt. Surajit Das
7th  December concert in Lige at Aquilon with Blue World Quatret.
14th Dec, concert with Claude and our team.Blue world quatret. 
16th night bus to Paris.
17th afternoon at 13.20 h flight to India from Paris.
This is plan at present.
New CD :