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I want to share my taste of music and my playing with you to give you some enjoyment which I get from my playing and listening to other musics.

                        Sandip Banerjee

Past Events

Workshop in Paris



Stage de Tabla indien






de Calcutta


Samedi 8 septembre 15h-19h


Dimanche 9 septembre 15h-19h


40 € : 1 jour

70 € : 2 jours

Samedi 8 Septembre 2012

62 rue Labrouste 75015 PARIS
Chez Denis Fiel

M°: Plaisance, ligne 13

Matthias Labbe 06 13 23 59 94
Patrick Nupert 06 76 46 08 60

Dimanche 9 Septembre 2012

25 av. Corentin Cariou
75019 Paris
M°: Porte de la Villette, Ligne 7
Corentin Cariou Ligne 7

Matthias Labbe 06 13 23 59 94
Patrick Nupert 06 76 46 08 60 video:

Concert on 5th, 7th September and 19th August

Upcoming Concert on 5th September, Friday  at Gyan Manch at 6 pm with Shehnai by Ahmad Abbas and Hassan Haidar Khan .

   7th September , Sunday at Weavers Studio--94, Ballygunge Place, Kolkata 700019 at 6.30 pm with Pandit Monoj Shankar. 
Near Ballygunge Phari close to 6th Ballygunge Place Restaurant.
All are welcome
On 19th August in Jaipur at Maharana Pratap  Shavagarh, Bharatiya Bidyabhavan at 7.30 pm. Organised by Sruti Mandal. 


Europe Tour till November 25th,2015

Europe Tour plan from 22nd October to 25th November 2015---

  22nd evening or 23rd morning going to Den Haag , Holland and Concert there  on 23rd  October at 6 .30p.m.

              24th Return to Brussels.
   24th October Workshop of Vocal +Tabla at Espace Bamboo , Brussels from 14.30 to 16.30 h and Concert with Vocalist Subhankar Chatterjee at 17h to 18.30 h . Daniel Schell will accompany on Tiptar.
Espace Bamboo: 79, Rue hotel Des Monnaies.

             25th morning Concert outside Brussels.

             26th October Concert at Indian Embassy at evening.

 Teaching at School in Brussels during my stay  and staying at Daniel (most probably) at Place Stephanie 12 .

             30th October most probably Going to Stuttgart and concert there on 31st.

             1st or 2nd November back to Brussels.

           3rd November at 20h Concert at Art Base , Brussels :
Me and Udhav ji(Tabla- Pakhwaj Duet) on 1st Half along with Bert Cornelis on sitar and Sitar recital by Bert Cornelis in 2nd half  .
Please check

            5th to 7th November in Lille-- Concert ..

            8th November at 17h Concert at Brussels --- SangeetaBandyopadhyay (Vocal) , Harsh Wardhan (Flute) , Daniel Schell (Tiptar) and Sandip Banerjee (Tabla).
Place : Brussels, Cellule 133
Please check :
       Tabla Solo concert in Brussels on 15th November at 16 H( 4p.m.)
CONCERT: Raga indien et TABLA SOLO de Sandip Banerjee· Allée de Colzas, 35, 1160 Bruxelles, Belgique
Please check my website for updates. 

Return to India on 25th November morning from Brussels.

Class in Brussels and on Skype will be going on.


concert in Kolkata on 20th August

 5,DAY JHULANJATRA MUSIG FESTIVAL from 17th Aug to 21st Aug 2013

Venue : Jhulanbari of Ramkanai Adhicary
1, Baburam Sil Lane, Kolkata -700 012
(Near Bowbazar-Amherst St. Crossing)
Phone : 9831540329, 9830433047

20th August 2013 at 7 P.M.
Sri Sakti Nag Flute and Sandip Banerjee on Tabla.
All are welcome.

15th November Sarod and Tabla Concert in Belgium


asad sarod

Concert in La Hulpe in Belgium

on 15th November at 20 h


On Sarod : Asad


On Tabla:  Sandip


Please check the Link for details on my Face book: 

Face Book of Sandip


Concert With Pt Manoj Shankar


On 17th Jan, 2013, Thursday at 6 pm.

Concert with Sitarist Pandit Monoj Shankar at Gita Jayanti

Place:  Triangular Park, near Gariahat, Kolkata 

on Jan 17 at 6 pm.


All are welcome.


Video on you tube--  Manoj Shankar, Partha Bose and Sandip

My Europe tour-- 4th MAY to 2nd June2015

I will be in Brussels From 4th MAy till 2nd June2015. So Tabla  lesson is available in Brussels during that time beside my Skype lessons . So contact me at +32 499 39 24 63 then.

Concert With sitarist Rohan Dasgupta on 8th May at Groningen in Holand, 9th in Germany, 10th may in Tegelan in Holand. 

13th May 2015 at at 8 P.M. at ART BASE in Brussels, 15th,  16th(Gent) 17th May  in Belgium. 

27th May at ART BASE with Vasundhara Raturi (Vocal) and Daniel Schell on Tiptar. 

Tour in Europe in May 2015

Tour plan of Europe in MAY 2015-----

Dear Friends,
     Please check the following plan and note it for you---- Tour plan 2015
1) Sandip Arriving Brussels Airport by Qatar Airways  .
     Then from there to Daniel`s Place Stephanie 12, Brussels. Staying 4,5, 6, May there.
 Concerts with sitarist Rohan Dasgupta ------
4) Concert at Groningen on 8th May (Time i have to check)With Sitarist Rohan Dasgupta at 20h.
6) saturnday 9  May Concert in monchen gladbach , Germany.
7)  Sunday 10 May Concert  in Tegelen, Holland at 15 .30 H
8) 11,12 Staying at Ge. in Holland.
10) 13, May at 8 p.m. Concert at ART BASE, Brussels
11) 15, May  concert at Mia, Brussels, Watermal Boisforte.
12) 16, May Concert at Dronen, Gent, Belgium  from 4 p.m. ,
13)  -- staying at Brussels-- 17,18,19 
14) 19, May Concert with Daniel, Rohan  in Brussels 
15) 20 May morning  Sandip leaving for   Germany Munich as concert is on 21 st May morning with vocalist Subhankar Chatterjee.
16) Sandip Return from Germany on 22 to Daniel or Miguel(will check later)
17) Concert at Art Base, Brussels on 27th May at 8 p.m. With Vocalist Vasundhara Raturi, Daniel Schell.
18) 31st May Concert near Brussels as no 17.
My return to India from Brussels is on 2nd June at 10.30 am  



16 th october, Harsh Wardhan : flute - Sandip Banerjee Tabla

Concert in Brussels

harsh wardhan

Harsh Wardhan  Flute

Sandip Banerjee Tabla

Harsh Wardhan has rendered bansuri performances at various major Music Festivals in India as well as abroad. He has performed in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Hungry, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland. He also conducts regular bansuri workshops in France, Germany and Belgium. He also has an album to his credit, which was released in 1992 from Zurich, Switzerland. He regularly performs bansuri recitals for All India Radio and Doordarshan T.V. at National level.




14th October - Vocal : Gauri Guha - Tabla : Sandip Banerjee

Concert at ART BASE, Brussels


Vocal : Gauri Guha

Tabla : Sandip Banerjee

Gauri Guha is an acclaimed Indian classical vocalist for the last 35 years  with eight albums to her credit.
She has received many grants from the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute,  the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council.
She has performed internationally in many prestigious concerts and has been profiled on TV, radio and in various newspapers in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Sandip Banerjee is a professional tabla player who followed 20 years of advanced training under his guru Pandit Sanjoy Mukherjee. Thanks to his solid and soulful style of playing, his graceful accompaniment and his powerful solos he is well known in India and abroad and appears regularly on TV and radio with top recording artists.



13th October - Vocal : Gauri Guha - Tabla : Sandip Banerjee

Concert at 13h At EspassBamboo , Brussels


Vocal : Gauri Guha

Tabla : Sandip Banerjee

info--- Price: 12€

Phone 0499 392 463

79 rue hotel des monnaies, 1060 Brussels

Inscriptions via : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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