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I want to share my taste of music and my playing with you to give you some enjoyment which I get from my playing and listening to other musics.

                        Sandip Banerjee

Europe tour 2022, November-December

Europe tour 2022... November to December by Sandip Banerjee...

1.Concert in Brussels on 6 and 11 November with Asad Qizilbesh on sarod.

2. Teaching tabla at Clic music school in Brussels at place Stephanie 12.


3. 26th November concert with Casimir Libersky on piano . Check my facebook link

Concert on 26 .11.2022 with piano in Brussels

3. Concert with Subhankar Chatterjee vocal and Daniel Schell on tiptar in Brussels on 27,30 November 2022.

Please check:

4. Concert in Munich, Germany on 20th November with Subhankar Chatterjee vocal.

5. Concert with Deepsankar Bhattacharjee on sitar in Brussels on 2nd and 3rd December 2022 at 7.30 pm each day

Contact me by email for details.

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6. Concert with Asad Qizilbesh on sarod on 4th December at 4 pm near Gent, Belgium. 

7. Concert with Daniel Schell on tiptar on 7, 8 December. Check click music as above.

8. Concert with Bernard Flament on 17 December in Brussels.