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I want to share my taste of music and my playing with you to give you some enjoyment which I get from my playing and listening to other musics.

                        Sandip Banerjee

Tour in Europe in May 2015

Tour plan of Europe in MAY 2015-----

Dear Friends,
     Please check the following plan and note it for you---- Tour plan 2015
1) Sandip Arriving Brussels Airport by Qatar Airways  .
     Then from there to Daniel`s Place Stephanie 12, Brussels. Staying 4,5, 6, May there.
 Concerts with sitarist Rohan Dasgupta ------
4) Concert at Groningen on 8th May (Time i have to check)With Sitarist Rohan Dasgupta at 20h.
6) saturnday 9  May Concert in monchen gladbach , Germany.
7)  Sunday 10 May Concert  in Tegelen, Holland at 15 .30 H
8) 11,12 Staying at Ge. in Holland.
10) 13, May at 8 p.m. Concert at ART BASE, Brussels
11) 15, May  concert at Mia, Brussels, Watermal Boisforte.
12) 16, May Concert at Dronen, Gent, Belgium  from 4 p.m. ,
13)  -- staying at Brussels-- 17,18,19 
14) 19, May Concert with Daniel, Rohan  in Brussels 
15) 20 May morning  Sandip leaving for   Germany Munich as concert is on 21 st May morning with vocalist Subhankar Chatterjee.
16) Sandip Return from Germany on 22 to Daniel or Miguel(will check later)
17) Concert at Art Base, Brussels on 27th May at 8 p.m. With Vocalist Vasundhara Raturi, Daniel Schell.
18) 31st May Concert near Brussels as no 17.
My return to India from Brussels is on 2nd June at 10.30 am