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I want to share my taste of music and my playing with you to give you some enjoyment which I get from my playing and listening to other musics.

                        Sandip Banerjee

Concert on 5th, 7th September and 19th August

Upcoming Concert on 5th September, Friday  at Gyan Manch at 6 pm with Shehnai by Ahmad Abbas and Hassan Haidar Khan .

   7th September , Sunday at Weavers Studio--94, Ballygunge Place, Kolkata 700019 at 6.30 pm with Pandit Monoj Shankar. 
Near Ballygunge Phari close to 6th Ballygunge Place Restaurant.
All are welcome
On 19th August in Jaipur at Maharana Pratap  Shavagarh, Bharatiya Bidyabhavan at 7.30 pm. Organised by Sruti Mandal.